Our Surroundings


DARE is situated on hill top a midst forests and rolling hills. There are many vantage points offering you splendid panoramic views of motley mountains, hills and valleys. The major part of the land is Shola forest with many waterfalls, streams and springs.

A loiterer in these woods would glimpse many wild animals and birds. This area is exceptionally rich in innumerable verity of butterflies, moths and insects – ranging from huge to tiny, cute to clumsy, handsome to awesome.

Peermade is blessed with soothing sunshine which doesn’t scorch or parch one’s body. Even in the zenith the sun is soft and basking in the sunshine is highly pleasurable. DARE Peermade is a safe centre, people around are peace loving and amicable, free from antisocial tendencies. The place is secure and sound. DARE offers a rare and marvellous opportunity of hiking into a tribal colony of about 300 families in deep forest. This would be a golden chance to people of anthropological interests.

Another attraction of Peermade is its closeness to Thekkady – an international tourists centre 40 kms away.